We're back, for now!

The past several weeks have been very busy for me. Sadly that meant less time to work on mods and even less time to play The Sims. Fortunately my course is over and I have a bit of a break. I hope to use this time mostly to work on mods and CC, but will also like to return to the Smith Family for a bit. I probably won't make as much progress on either front as I did on my last break as I do have other stories I'm having fun playing out. For now feel free to follow the progress of my mod projects!

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How to install mods or CC

The Sims 4 folder

Generally speaking installing mods or custom content in The Sims 4™, is pretty easy and straightforward. It mostly just involves knowing where to put things. There are a few tricks though, which all get to a little later. Right now I'm going to tell your where to put your items. When the game was first started it should have created the path "Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/" in your documents folder. On a Windows PC this is your "C:/Users/Your User/Documents/" or, on Windows 10 with OneDrive syncing on "C:/User/Your User/OneDrive/Documents/" folder. On a Mac this is your "/Users/Your User/Documents/" folder, though you may have to access it through the iCloud Drive section of Finder if iCloud syncing is enabled on it.

The Mods folder

In the "Electronic Arts/The Sims4/" folder there should be a folder called "Mods" if not you can just create it. This is where you will be storing all of your mods or custom content. Most custom content and mods can be stored anywhere in this folder, however, there are some caveats. First off, all of my mods and CC are available as raw .ts4script or .package files. Others may .zip, .rar, or otherwise archive their mods or CC. These archive, will have to extracted first. A word of caution however, some script mods are distributed in such a way that they should not be extracted. Try placing any .zip with a .ts4script directly into your "Mods" folder before attempting to extract it. If it is detected, don't extract. In additon, extracted script mods cannot be placed more than one-level deep in the "Mods" folder and .zips with script mods must be put directly in this folder or the game will not load them.

Option Menu

With your mods and custom content now in the right spot you just need to make sure mods are enabled in-game. This is easy, click the three dots located at the top left of the screen to access the menu (or just hit ESC), and go to "game options > other". Find 'enable custom content and mods', click the check box, read the dialog, and click 'ok'. If you have any script mods click the box below that to enable them. Restart your game and you should be go to go. You'll know if it worked if you get a list of installed mods on start up (don't worry you can disable this dialog box if you find it annyoing). Note: you will have to do this after every game update.

Installed mod dialog

Keep in mind, this procedure is a general one. It represents the most common way to install mods or CC. However, if a description of one of my mods or CC or anyone else's mods or CC includes installation instructions, follow those to the letter. Modders don't write installation instructions because they like to write, the write them because they're needed, so pay attention!

How to use search

The observant amongst you may have noticed a nice little text box in the upper right corner of the site's navigation bar (assuming of course you're seeing this on a large format display) with a button that has the word 'search' in it. If you are especially observant you may have even noticed the text box says "Search Mods and CC" inside it. Well that tells you exactly why its there, so you can search mods and CC that I have posted. These searches can be pretty basic or extremely complex, it all depends on exactly what you're looking for.

In basic form simply typing in any search phrase will likely return the result you're looking for. Looking for blush for your sims, trying simply typing blush in the box, looking for eye scars try typing eye scar. In fact, if you've used Google Search, you'll likely be very comfortable with the search box.

There are, however, a few fun things you can do that will help you truly narrow things down. Say you wanted to look for CC or a Mod for child sims, but the result is clogged by a bunch of different types of blush, which is not what you want. In cases like this you can actually exclude keywords entirely so you could type in child -blush. This would look for items with the keyword 'child', but remove any result with the keyword 'blush' too. Say you only wanted blushes in that same search for child CC and Mods, well you could try child +blush this would match child, but only include items that also matched the keyword blush. Perhaps you're also frustrated that when you type moe blush you get matches for both the keyword 'moe' and the keyword 'blush', maybe you'd like to treat the term "moe blush" as a phrase, try including the quotes in your search, like so "moe blush"

This is still pretty basic, but will probably cover the majority of searches you'll need to perform, but there is another interesting feature you could try. What if you happen to know that "Moe Blush" was the name of the particular CC or Mod you're looking for. You can actually instruct the search system to look for the term in the column 'name' by typing name:`Moe Blush`. This would also work if you happen to know the ID of the item you're looking for, this is the second part of an item's [content id], which is the part after the '#' sign in its URL, if you know this you could actually just type in id:`= 3` and it will find CC and Mods with that ID.

You may have noticed the '=' in that last example, it is an operator. Must searches match similar items, but this means it must be exactly equal. It only works with numbers, but there are other operators that work with number as well, including '>', '`>=', '<', and '<=' as well as '<>' which means between. The between operator takes two numbers (separated by a space), but is very helpful in narrowing searches down. It should be noted that you can use these with dates, so if you know about when the item your looking for was last updated, you could do something like updated:`< 2019-05-01` to look for anything updated before May 1st of 2019. Please note how the date is formatted as the search system is pretty rigid when it comes to date formats. Any searches involving dates should have the date in YYY-MM-DD format.

Most of this information is complicated, but also unnecessary for most searches. In many cases just typing in search terms like a Google Search will be more than enough.

How to report a violation

If you believe that something I posted on this website, be it images, custom content, or a mod in someway violates your copy rights, trademarks, or terms of use you may report it via email. For violations involving custom content and/or mods you may send your e-mail to kawaii_kisachan@live.com with the subject "Tsukiyomi Miu Custom Content or Mod Violation [content id]" where [content id] is the section after the pound/hash sign, including the sign itself, for the page that hosts the content you are reporting. So for this page, it would #cc:3. Please include why you believe the item violates your terms of use. Any links to your page or ToU would also be appricated. Please understand that if a mod or CC that uses someone else's content in someway makes it on to my site it is because I believed I had the right and/or permission to do so. This is not some melicious attempt to steal your work. That being said simply calling for something to be removed without reason is no way to get it removed. Such "requests" will be ignored. Also, though an item may be removed from the site as soon as a legitamate report is recieved, its associated .packages, screenshots or other files will continue to be hosted on the server unless I determine that I have indeed violated your terms of use. If I determine that I am still within my right to post my content, even after it has been removed, it will be added back.

In the unlikely event that I have violated your ToU on multiple items, there is no need to report each one separately. Instead write the subject line as you would normally, using the [content id] of the most recently posted item and list the [content id]s of any additional items in the body of the e-mail below your reason and other information or links.

For all other violations not including CC or Mods you may send your e-mail to my host and web-designer with the subject line "TsukiyomiMiu Site Violation". As with other violations please include details as to why you believe we have violated your rights. If the violation involves an image, code snippet, or other asset on a specific page, please include the URL of that page with your report. We will comply with all legal requests recieved from EA, MAXIS or their affliates, up to and including purging this entire site. All other request will be investigated to the best of our ability to ensure all parties rights are respected.