We're back, for now!

The past several weeks have been very busy for me. Sadly that meant less time to work on mods and even less time to play The Sims. Fortunately my course is over and I have a bit of a break. I hope to use this time mostly to work on mods and CC, but will also like to return to the Smith Family for a bit. I probably won't make as much progress on either front as I did on my last break as I do have other stories I'm having fun playing out. For now feel free to follow the progress of my mod projects!

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I am a simmer who loves playing The Sims, but also hates how limited they game can be at times. I, therefore play with a selection of mods and custom content. Mostly I find the lack of content for children very disturbing and look to increase it. Unfortunately childhood is a life stage that is not only forgotten by the original developers, but, also, seemed to be relatively forgotten by the custom content and moddng community.

Recently I have begun creating my own custom content to fill my needs. This all started when I needed a subtle eye scar for an OC that I wanted to create a sim for and has grown from there. I am also a web designer and have dabbled in programming as well. As such I find tuning mods to be fun and interesting challenges and have created one just for the fun of it.

Most recently a mod I have been using completely broke the UI of the game for all vampires. The Smiths, which is the current save game as of this writing, didn't have any, but I had been working on a storyline involving Morgana which required her to be turned as a child, which is what the mod allowed for. A took it upon myself to fix this mod. It has not been fully tested, but it reminded me that I have other ideas for mods that I would like to do and prompted me to create this section.

This section will list mods and custom content that I intend to release, but that is not yet ready for release, or has not yet been worked on. As previews of the content or mod become available and I upload them to the site, I will begin linking to them here. Once all the features I describe are implemented the mod or CC will be removed from this list and live only on the main section.

Mod: True Child Vampires

Child Vampire Manifestation was an interesting mod originally created by jerrycnh. I had another OC of mine that I wanted to create into a sim who was a vampire and a child so this was a perfect mod for me. Unfortunately the mod broke the UI after the Island Living update. I have applied a hotfix for this mod and managed to test many of the features, but I have more plans for this other than just a hotfix. Hence the new name. For your information, as teens, young adults, adults, and elders essentially use the same mesh in the Sims 4 any reference to adults below is actually reference to teens, young adults, adults, and elders unless otherwise specified.


  1. Allow vampire offspring to become full vampires as children (potentially implemented thanks to jerrychn, but not tested)
  2. Allow vampires, child or older, to turn children into vampire (implemented)
  3. Allow the creation of full child vampires in CAS (implemented)
  4. Allow child vampires to have access to all powers and weakness older vampires have access to (implemented, but sun weakness is hit-and-miss and some powers and weaknesses have yet to be tested)
  5. Allow child vampires to drink plasma from all sources, plasma packs, plasma fruit, plasma fruit salad, and sims (implemented, but not all sources have been tested)
  6. Give child vampires a dark form (implemented, but cannot be edited in CAS)
  7. Provide animations for dark form transformation, power using, and drinking plasma (partially implemented for dark form transformation, implemented for dark meditation, drinking plasma animations are in the works, but are proving highly time-consuming)
  8. Provide idle animations for when children are sick due to loss of appetite, provide animations for when children become vampires
  9. Provide skin details and the ability to create pointed ears for children in CAS.
  10. Provide fangs for children similar to those available for adults.
  11. Expand the vampiric wardrobe available for children (would be nice, but actually isn't a priority).


  • The main goal of this mod over the original is to fix child vampire animations so they do not stretch oddly when they perform the actions that were originally only for adults.
  • Originally this mod was only going to provide the animation, but, as it appears the original mod will not be updated, it will also provide the child vampire powers and interactions.
  • Children can purchase vampire powers and rank up, but the UI for this is not represented for children. This was a problem in the original mod as well and I have no idea how to fix it. I have implemented dipper and jerrychn's original work around. The power panel can be opened using the icon in a notification the pops up after dark meditation. The text describing this and the icon don't appear correctly for some reason though.
  • The current version of this mod disables auto-aging for all vampires, including children. I will be looking into providing a second version that allows children, teens, and young adults to age, but will disabled auto aging for adults and elders.

Mod: Have a Better Childhood

Warning! Though I try to remain professional during all of my writing, my own personal bias is likely to show in the following introduction. I hope it is still informative and not just a rant. I apologize if things seem heated. Nothing below should be taken as an attack on the team at MAXIS or EA or The Sims itself.

While playing The Sims with auto aging turned off I noticed that children tend to be forgotten not only when it comes to new content such as clothing and accessories, but also new interactions. It is my belief that this is either done because EA pressures MAXIS too much and they feel they do not have the time to implemented animation for certain interactions for children or that MAXIS is simply getting lazy. Either way the plan for this mod is to add back some of the interactions and create proper animations for child sims.


  1. Allow children to perform some basic adult interactions like cleaning and cooking, basically anything a real child could do.
  2. Implement a new trait to simulate the transition from childhood to adolescence called 'tween'.
  3. Allow children with the 'tween' trait to perform basic romance interactions with other children. Things like snuggle, first peck, peck on the cheek, peck on the lips. Basically any romance interaction that would be appropriate for a real tween. There is a mod, called First Love, that does this, and also implements a 'mess around' replacement called 'monkey around'. I am not sure how I feel about this and, therefore, do not know if it would be included.
  4. Allow children to perform interactions added to the game via packs, like yoga, and meditation, hopefully in a way that doesn't break the UI for those that don't have the packs.
  5. Look into allowing children to earn more adult skills when they have maxed out their child skills. For example: allow them to earn wellness when motor is maxed out, or cooking when creativity is maxed out.
  6. Look into implementing age-appropriate careers like paper dilivery person and/or apprentice babysitter.
  7. Also look into having new interactions like cooking or meditation increase appropriate child skills. Meditation increasing motor or cooking increasing creativity for example.
  8. Look into allowing children to at least start aspirations that were previously only for adults.
  9. Create new animations for all formally adult-only interactions to avoid stretching when children perform them.
  10. As it will be likely that children with the 'tween' trait can become flirty, look into creating idle flirty animations so tweens don't stretch when they are flirty.
  11. Create age-appropriate romance animations like pecking instead of kissing.


An additional goal of this mod is to maintain compatibility with the True Child Vampire mod shown above so you can use both at the same time for an even more interesting experience.