We're back, for now!

The past several weeks have been very busy for me. Sadly that meant less time to work on mods and even less time to play The Sims. Fortunately my course is over and I have a bit of a break. I hope to use this time mostly to work on mods and CC, but will also like to return to the Smith Family for a bit. I probably won't make as much progress on either front as I did on my last break as I do have other stories I'm having fun playing out. For now feel free to follow the progress of my mod projects!

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Need to make playing The Sims more interesting for some reason? Mods and/or CC not enough for you? Check out some challenges! Each of these are mainly just ideas based off of the work of other simmers out there. Some are based off challenges I have either watched done or attempted myself. Keep in mind that many of these have altered rules then those that you may have seen with the same or similar names. Whenever possible I will attempt to find links to the original challenges.

All, please be aware that I have not completed any of these challenges and I am currently working on my Smith Family Legacy story which is loosely based of a challenge, but isn't really one. If I do any of these challenges, I will link to a summary of my attempt using the challenge's name so you can see how I did.

Über Sim Challenge

The Über Sim Challenge is similar to the Super Sim Challenge originally created by James Tuner a.k.a TheSimSupply, only extended downward. The goal remains essentially the same, to have a sim with every skill maxed out, every aspiration completed, and the highest level in all standard careers, only the idea is to do as much of this as possible throughout the sims lifespan, not just from young adult to elder.

Set up

  1. Create two sims in CAS, these sims must be young adults, but can be any gender or combination of genders, and may be any race or occult state. These two sims will be your parents, they may have any aspiration or traits you feel will help you complete the challenge.
  2. Create a toddler sim in CAS. You can play with genetics if you'd like and can give the toddler any available trait, the toddler, however, must be human.
  3. Money is not part of the challenge, you can give your parent sims as much money as you'd like and put them in whatever home you want. Keep in mind starting in an appropriate starter home with the normal starter income will provide a greater challenge.
  4. Once in the game, ensure aging is on. You can use the following settings depending on difficulty:
    1. Easy: Long lifespan + auto-aging off for unplayed sims
    2. Medium: Long lifespan + auto-aging on for all sims
    3. Normal: Normal lifespan for all sims
    4. Hard (or next to impossible): Short lifespan for all sims


  1. Max out every toddler skill.
  2. Complete every child aspiration.
  3. Max out every child skill.
  4. For those with Parenthood: Obtain five character traits (all positive, all negative, any combination, doesn't matter, but you need to have five!)
  5. Max out every adult skill, this includes pack skills such as parenting.
  6. Complete every adult aspiration (hidden aspirations need not be completed, but doing so will provide an extra challenge).
  7. Reach max level in all careers.


  1. You may not play with any mods that alter aging or make it harder for you sims to die. If using a mod such as MCCC, any settings related to dying or aging must be turned off.
  2. Similarly, you can not use cheats or exploits/bugs to change the age of your main sim (the toddler in the beginning).
  3. You may use any cosmetic CC, but not CC that alters moods or game-play.
  4. You may use any in-game items or craftables including potions of youth. For an added challenge count how many times you use these and try to beat your friends!
  5. It should go without saying if you read the previous two sections, but no matter the difficulty your main sim (the one who starts as a toddler) must be able auto-age! You may, however, manually age them up at any time before they would age up automatically.
  6. The main sim cannot live at their parents' forever, they must move out on their own at some point!
  7. You main sim cannot quit or get kicked out of school, but may skip days. Obviously less days missed means less time building skills leading to a greater challenge.

Failure Conditions

  1. Your main sim (the one who starts as a toddler) dies before all objectives are met. This is really the only failure condition, but there is one another I'll point out.
  2. Your main sim ages up before completing objectives for that age. Though it is possible, with in-game items, to return to the beginning of an age, there is no way that I am aware of, without mods, cheats, or exploits, to return to a previous age, as such this condition will likely lead to the first. If this happens, it'd probably be better to just start over.

RE: Rags2Riches

Rules for Rags2Riches challenges are all over the internet and it is difficult to say who first posted them. I can tell you that the below rules are based on rules from several of James Turner's (a.k.a. TheSimSupply) let's plays. The RE stands for Realists Edition. The idea was to modify the rules of a typical Rags2Riches challenge to be even more realistic.

Set up

  1. Create a Sim. Your sim must be a young adult (challenges using teens exist, but are separate), adult, or elder.
  2. Ensure your sim has the fabulously wealthy aspiration. Technically that's the objective, as you will see.
  3. You may assign your sim any trait, however, for best results, and a better challenge, avoid materialistic, glutton, loves outdoors, and slob.
  4. The game requires your sim to be placed on a lot, so purchase a 20x20 lot in any world. For an easier time while playing with Seasons, choose one on Sulani or Oasis Springs.
  5. If the lot is not empty, bulldoze the house or building.
  6. Use the money cheat to set your sim's funds to 0.


There really is only one. Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration! Sound easy? Its not, but if you want an even bigger challenge, also complete the Mansion Baron aspiration.

Rules (this is where things get REAL)

  1. Your sim cannot use any phone interactions at the start
    1. This means they cannot answer texts or phone calls (always select hang up or cancel, you can try to put the phone on silent to avoid this if you want)
    2. They cannot get a job
    3. You cannot order anything off the phone or even take pictures with it. Just pretend like it doesn't exist.
    4. You can use the travel interaction if you're too annoyed by having to zoom out to travel, but that's the only thing you can use.
  2. Your sim must sell items to actual sims, at least at the start, so no selling directly from your inventory.
  3. Purchases can be made through build/buy mode as usual, but you cannot sell anything through build/buy.
  4. Once you can purchase a desk, a computer, a chair, and a room to put them in you may begin using phone interactions, and selling from inventory and build/buy as long as the computer has power. Congrats your sim is on their way! You are, of course, free to continue with the above three rules the entire challenge if you so choose. This would provide a more difficult challenge.
  5. Traveling is not free, except for trips within the same neighborhood (you can use the money cheat to subtract these amounts from your sim's funds).
    1. Trips to destination worlds cannot be made until you can book them by cpmputer (see the above rule), and cost the usual amount.
    2. Trips within the same world are 25 simoleans, or 50 round trip.
    3. Trips between worlds are 100 round trip or 50 per trip.
  6. Aside from parks, nightclubs, and pools, your sim may not visit any public venue unless they can afford to be there.
    1. For restaurants your sims needs to be able to afford a meal or they would be "kicked out" (can't enter)
    2. For bars, and lounges your sims need to be able to afford a drink.
    3. For gyms, just subtract 50 simoleans from you sim's funds for each gym they visit, only do this once per venue. This fee is for a gym membership and is in addition to any trip costs.
    4. Your sim cannot have 'stink lines' (make sure they are clean enough not to stink up the place before entering a public venue).
  7. If you want an easier challenge, your sim can get a job once they can afford a starter home (once they have the 20,000 simoleans back).
  8. Once you have a starter home you may make trips for free.
  9. You may not use any mods that drastically alter gameplay
  10. You may play without aging, but using aging is recommended
  11. You may only use cheats and mods (i.e. MCCC) to take things away from your sim. You may not use cheats or mods to add things to your sims unless they are cosmetic only.

Failure Condition

Your sim dies before completing the aspiration or aspirations mentioned above.