The Original Smith Family

The Smiths
Richard Smith
  • Father
  • Adult
  • Doctor (6), R.N.
  • Aspires to be a super parent
  • Domestic, Creative, Outgoing, Foodie
Elizabeth Smith
  • Mother
  • Adult
  • Stay-at-home Mom
  • Aspires to have a big happy family
  • Domestic, Family-oriented, Active, Perfectionist

Emilie Smith
  • Daughter
  • Child
  • Elementary A Student
  • Aspires to be an artistic prodigy
  • Vagitarian
William Smith
  • Son
  • Teen
  • High School A Student
  • Aspires to be the leader of the pack
  • Gregarious, Bro, Dance Machine (mod trait)

Izzie Smith
  • Daughter
  • Toddler
  • Clingy
Luna Smith
  • Pet
  • Adult
  • American Longhair Cat
  • Curious, Spoiled, Fluffy

Part One

The Smith Family has moved in to a wonderful suburban home in Willow Creek. Richard has begun working at the local hospital and has moved up quickly to the position of Assistant Nurse. As Izzie is still young, Elizabeth has decided to stay at home in order to care for the youngster. She enjoys the quality time she is able to spend with her daughter, as well as her other two children, even if William can be a bit of a handful at times.

The move was a little hard on poor Emilie, who was having trouble making friends, and just wanted to stay close to her mother. She has really started to open up to her classmates lately though and is beginning to make more friends her age.

William grew a bit distant shortly after the move, and withdrew to his room to practice piano on his keyboard and play video games. He would often even take his meals up there. Fortunately, he too has begun to come out of his shell and enjoys spending time with his sisters. Though he still isn't sure how to handle Izzie at times, he enjoys beating Emilie at various video and card games. Emilie, however, is still the queen of "Don't Wake The Llama".

Love Day!

Love day has come and gone. William went on his first date with a local high schooler named Cassandra Goth. The date went okay, but William made a few advances he probably shouldn't have leaving Cassandra a bit overwhelmed by the end of the date.

Unfortunately Richard had to work on Love Day, but was still able to make time to romance his wife. He even picked out flowers for her at the hospital gift shop. He wasn't able to take her out, but they had an excellent time at home.

Emilie, picked a couple of daisies to give to her family members, but didn't have a chance to give one to her father before she went to bed. She did give one to her brother, but he was less than enthused about it. Maybe next year she should find some roses.

Luna Didn't Expect a Thing . . .

What just happened!?

Love Day, it turns out, wasn't just for the humans! Luna, the family cat, seemed to go into heat just in time for the celebration. Unfortunately it lasted a bit longer, and the poor cat had no one to share it with. Richard got fed up with Luna's prowling and yowling from the yearning to mate and suggested it was time to get the girl "fixed".

After taking care of Izzie, Elizabeth was tasked with covertly taking the Luna to the vet. Upon arriving in the Brindleton Pawspital, Elizabeth headed for the nearest kiosk. She was not thrilled with the cost of the procedure, but, in the end it was the best thing for Luna, not to mention Richard's sanity.

The procedure was over before Luna had any idea what was happening. The only evidence was the annoying cone around the cat's neck to prevent her from licking or scratching the affected area.

Upon returning, Emilie, who had no idea where Elizabeth had gone or what had happened to Luna, questioned her mother about the cone. She was not happy that no one had told her that they were doing that to the cat, but eventually agreed it is for the best.

One Step Closer to Being the Leader of the Pack

Practicing for a rematch

After his fumbling with Miss Goth, William decided it was best to seek the company of his older and wiser pals. Who needs a father when you have Bjorn! Before he could even call his wiser friend, Bjorn had already shown up at the house. After a quick chat, it was decided the best thing for William was gathering at the pub.

Upon arrival William instantly challenge a member of "The Good Timers" club to a game of foosball. It was a long game, but William was once again victorious. Video games, foosball, what can't William do? Beat his sister at "Don't Wake the Llama", that's what!

After winning at foosball, William decided to practice "Don't Wake the Llama". He had to beat his sister somehow. He spent a few hours learning just what moves he could make and how to pull them off to keep the llama sleeping on top of the pile of logs. Little did he know, however, that his friends had all but abandoned him to play their own game upstairs.

Looking around and finding himself alone in the club room, William headed upstairs to find the game already in progress. He decided to watch how Bjorn and the other played just to be sure he had a handle on things, before joining in himself. Unfortunately the club had been gathered for over six hours by now, and Bjorn had to promised to spend time with his daughters. He ended the gathering, and the game. Nevertheless, William had enough experience now to head home and challenge Emilie once again. This time he would win!

Now That Was Unexpected

A second date!?

Spring has come and gone and summer is here! Unfortunately, for the Smith Family, it was still a bit chilly and cloudy in Willow Creek. Summer festivities would have to wait. Nevertheless, it was still Sunday, and, for William and Emilie, that meant video games! After a wonderful French Toast breakfast, a Sunday tradition, the pair, who didn't even bother to get dressed, plopped in front of the TV for a gaming session that would last most of the morning.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was tasked with taking care of Izzie as Richard's new position kept him away from the home on Sundays. They pair played together in Emilie's room, before Elizabeth got to work. It was time Izzie's vocabulary got a much needed boost.

The gaming session ended with call William just wasn't expecting. It was Cassandra, and she said she wasn't able to get William out of her mind. He had thought he had made such a terrible impression that he would never see Cassandra again yet here she was telling him she wanted another date.

A lunch date seemed perfect for William, there would be less pressure that way. He remembered the wise words of his pals about slowing down and getting to know the girl as he headed into the small, Italian vila that served as an exactly casual, yet intimate dinning spot. Once seated at the table he began just chatting with the girl, no flirting, no wierd comments. By the time he found himself complimenting Cassandra and flirting with her, she had warmed up to him enough to find it charming.


By the end of the meal it seemed Cassandra was just as in to William as he was to her. He bold leaned in, and Cassandra just stood there as their lips locked. Was this William's first kiss? It was! He couldn't wait to tell his pals.

Growing and Moving up

Its time for the WooHoo talk

With William's much more successful second date, Richard decided it was finally time to discuss some important life lessons with him, much to his embarassment. They shared a drink while William finished a snack. The conversation started with a toast to growing up and proceeded normally for a little while, until Richard finally broke into the meat of things. William had already heard much of this from his high school health class, and wasn't too keen on hearing it again from his father. Nevertheless, he listened, but, disappeared to his room right after finishing his drink, leaving Richard to clean up.

The very next day, Richard enjoyed the day off with Izzie and his wife. He couldn't believe how big she was getting. Of course the point was driven home as Elizabeth began discussing plans for her next birthday party. Shortly thereafter she would be entering grade school. Where had the time gone?

Izzie and William weren't the only one's growing older. Emilie wanted new clothes, and was getting tired of the childish look to her room. What are good parents to do? While Richard was at work the next morning, Elizabeth took Emilie shopping. There wasn't much time before school, but they managed to pick up a few new clothes and things for her room.

OMG! New Room!1

Elizabeth spent the entire day, while her kids and husband were at work, fixing up Emilie's room. Emilie was so excited to see it when she came home that she ran right to her room. She was particularly happy to have her own desk, one she would use to do her homework on that day.

Day at work

While Elizabeth spent the day working on Emilie's room, Richard spent it working. He had, had several missteps as he got used to the types of diagnosis and tests he was now able to run, but today he finally got the hang of it. Everyone was so impressed by his bedside manner, professionalism, and work that Richard was finally given a position worthy of his education. Richard was now an R.N.!

To be continued. . .