The Smith 2nd Generation

The second generation is where things start getting a bit bigger and more complicated. As each child begins to move out of the surburban home they create individual branches. Each branch will have its own residence and children. For this reason, beggining with this generation, there will be a seperate index showing each branch and the main branch.


Main Branch

The Main Smith Family

From Left to Right: Richard, Elizabeth

The Smith Parent's Retirement Home

A small, modern, home built in Newcrest. The much smaller home sports a loft bedroom and nice backyard, but a tiny kitchen and 1 1/2 bathrooms. It is the perfect size for a couple with no children.

William's Branch

The William Smith Branch

From Left to Right: Amellia, William, Cassandra, Morgana

William's Residence

A nice modern home in Newcrest. It features a nice living space and a cozy kitchen and dining area with two bedrooms upstairs as well as a half bath downstairs and full upstairs.

Emilie's Branch

The Emilie Smith-Munch Branch

From Left to Right: Lucas, Demon, Angel, Emilie, Flower, Luna

Emilie's Residence

A two bedroom island home in Sulani. While the living space is small and is little more than a hut attached to the rest of the house, this home really shines when it comes to the bedrooms especially the panaramic seating area in the master bedroom.

Izzie's Branch

The Izzie Smith Branch

From Left to Right: Izzie and Marisol

Izzie's Residence

A Maxis-made starter home in Strangerville. There will be more information and an entry in the lots when changes and renovations are made.