We're back, for now!

The past several weeks have been very busy for me. Sadly that meant less time to work on mods and even less time to play The Sims. Fortunately my course is over and I have a bit of a break. I hope to use this time mostly to work on mods and CC, but will also like to return to the Smith Family for a bit. I probably won't make as much progress on either front as I did on my last break as I do have other stories I'm having fun playing out. For now feel free to follow the progress of my mod projects!

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The Sims 4 Banner by EA
The Sims 4™

Published by Electronic Arts Inc. and developed by MAXIS, The Sims 4™, put simply, is a basic life simulator. Sims live, grow old, and even die, and, as you play the game, your goal is to simply watch all of this happen. Like any diety, you can take a hands off or a very active role in guiding and directing your Sims lives. More than this, The Sims 4™ provides a platform for content creators, storytellers, programmers, to do more than just watch the lives of Sims, and occassionally "accidently" lead them to a Cowplant.

Tsukiyomi Miu

Though The Sims4™ has been out for quite some time, I have only recently discovered the joys of this game. Despite this I have surprised myself by logging several hours of gameplay over the last few months. I could not believe exactly how addictive a game about life could be.

Not all of my time, however, as been spent playing the game, and some of my time performing Sims related tasks has not been logged. This is because I have spent many hours customizing my game by finding or even creating my own custom content and mods.

The Sims 4™ is designed to be customizable and many parts can be changed or added to the game with some ease. I am a web designer/developer by background, but have also dabled in 3D modeling and 2D art. As such I have spent many hours not just searching for content to make my game more interesting, but also, creating my own. Hence this site. Rather than using a blogging platform, or some other prexisting site, I decided to use the resources I have accumulated, as well as my own knowledge and experience to create a custom place to host my content, and tell my stories!

The Machines

Not that anyone asked, but I thought I'd take a few moments to also introduce the two main computers that I use to play The Sims™ as well as get my work done. There used to be only one, but I've found having separate work and play computers is quite helpful and the second one was given to me, so, why not?


Lexi is a Windows 10 PC. She was designed primarily has a Home-Theatre Personal Computer, or HTPC, but she is much larger than most HTPCs, because she had to do more. At the time of her build, and yes Lexi is a custom-built PC, Lexi had to not only play media, watch and record live TV and play light games she had to play more demanding PC games, handle blender renders, edit at least 1080p content, compress large files as well as general work and web browsing. A larger case was used to accomodate all the add-on cards she would need to perform some of these tasks, including a full-sized dedicated graphics card.


Intel Core i7-7700 base clock 3.4GHz, boost to 4.1GHz
16GB dual-channel DDR4
NVIDIA GeForce GTX-960
  • System Drive: Western Digital Black, NvME SSD (512GB)
  • Game Drive: Western Digital Black, SATA Hybrid HDD (1TB)
  • Media Drive: Wester Digital Passport, USB 3.0 External HDD (1TB)


Not to be confused with Izzie Smith this Izzie is the second addition to my computer family. Izzie is a late 2012 iMac. She was given to me by my sister who won her at work. Since I set her up she has taken over most of the work that Lexi has been doing. Lexi's hardware and set up still make her better suited for playing games or blender rendering, but Izzie can run The Sims™, though at lower settings, and is perfect for testing new CC and Mods. In addition I use Izzie for editing this site as well as creating various art assets for CC and Mods not to mention general web browsing and school work.


Intel Core i5-3330S, base clock 2.7GHz
8GB single-channel, DDR3
System Drive: SATA HDD (1TB)